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adagp member

born the 2 of june 1955,

Studied at the ENSAD, (Paris High National School of Décorative Arts),

live and work in Paris and in Italy.

I am almost working on space & light through landscapes, urban-landscapes

and indoors ; and on geometric forms and colors  based on my first work

of sketchs, using various techniques, as watercolors, acrylics and oils.

Member of the Maison des Artistes and Adagp in Paris.


Since 2009  SaatchiArt online

2009  group exhibition, title "Dominanta Malé Strany Kostel sv Mikulàse"

          Millenium Gallery, Prague, cech republic

2008  personal exhibition, L’Albero Celeste Gallery, San Gimignano, Italy

2007  group, L’Albero Celeste Gallery

2007  personal, title “Geometria”, Palazzo della Cancelleria,


2006  personal, title “Alberi”, Palazzo della Cancelleria

2005  personal, title “Ocra e celeste”, L’Albero Celeste Gallery

2004  personal, title “Arte e immagini”, Palazzo della Cancelleria

2003  personal, title “Coste e curve” L’Albero Celeste Gallery

2001  personal, title “Toscana”, Maison de l’Infante in Saint-Jean-de-Luz France.

1999  artistic collaboration, Carmen de Bizet opera, San Gimignano festival

1998  personal, title “Sentieri”, Collegiate Church Cloister, San Gimignano

1995  personal, title “Espace et lumière”, Marie-Thérèse Cochin Gallery, Paris

1994  title “Dix femmes exposent ”, Élysées Rond-Point Space, Paris.

1994  personal, “Il colore della memoria” Palazzo Lolli-Redini, San Gimignano

1993  group, Mont Saint Michel France.

1993  shaw “Contemporaines”, Grand Palais, Paris

1993  personal San Gimignano Municipality, in occasion of the International

          Feast of the woman

1992  personal, title “Jardins” Marie-Thérèse Cochin Gallery

1991  title “four friends shaw”, Galax Gallery, Göteborg, Sweden

1990  personal, title “Riflessi di luce” Giorgio Mancini Gallery, San Gimignano.

1989  group, in the Galerie du Prévot, Paris

1988  personal of watercolors in the CCI, Industrial Creation Center Library,

          Georges Pompidou Center, Paris.

ensad, paris